If so why not join us at Basingstoke Classic Car Club (or BCCC). We are a very active club of around 60 members, from around North Hampshire & South Berkshire, who have variety of classic cars which we love to drive to shows and trips out. We even go on long weekends away and have toured parts of Europe and UK on a number of occasions (with our classic cars of course). If this and much more interests you, why not come along and see if you like us; we have monthly meetings at the Moose Centre, Basingstoke on the 2nd Wednesday of each month or our social gathering on the 4th Wednesday of the month. You can also find us at many local shows as well as on Facebook.

For a warm welcome, check out our Social Diary page and come along and join us.

No classic car required - just a sense of humour

You can contact us on e-mail at contact@b-ccc.com

BCCC are members of the Federation of British Historical Vehicle Clubs

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Does DVLA think your car has Vehicle Excise Duty and an MOT?  https://www.gov.uk/check-vehicle-tax is a new site, currently in beta.

Previous MoT attempts can be checked at


To use this service you need the registration mark, and either the serial number of the most recent pass/fail certificate or the reference number from the most recently issued V5C. This allows you to view all fail and advisory items from previous MoT attempts, all at a glance.

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Use DVLA data to look up how many cars like yours are left in the UK.

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